What’s Wrong With Replica Louis Vuitton?

You might think it wouldn’t hurt anyone if you bought a fake Louis.  In reality, though, replica Louis Vuitton hurts everyone it touches.  If you buy replica LV, you’re endangering yourself and those around you.  It’s actually illegal to make and sell replica Vuitton—counterfeiters, the people who do so, steal designs that rightfully belong to the artists at Louis Vuitton, and use those designs to make worthless replica LV so they can cheat customers out of their money.  Since fake Louis Vuitton is illegal, the people who make and sell replica LV don’t worry about things like paying taxes, and they don’t feel that they are accountable for their actions—indeed, they do everything they can to swindle customers.  Replica Louis Vuitton is not just a bad purchase on your part—it also hurts your community by undermining the economy.  Why take the risk of buying replica LV, when a tacky, flimsy fake Louis is no reward at all?  It just doesn’t make sense to buy replica Vuitton.

Far too many customers are tricked into wasting their money on replica Louis Vuitton.  Now that you know replica LV is toxic, don’t let yourself be fooled into settling for less than the genuine Louis Vuitton you deserve.  By buying a fake Louis, you cheat yourself and those around you.  Now that you know its dangers, you know you deserve better than replica LV.